Maintenance Reminders

Work Order Requests
Submit a separate Work Order Request to Maintenance for each repair or replacement to the exterior of your home. Do not leave telephone voicemail messages, which can be lost or overlooked. NOTE that Heritage Sound does not replace or repair window screens, screen doors, and/or storm doors. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE FORM.

Variance Request Form
Before either making any structural changes to the interior of your home or installing a satellite dish, a Variance Request must be submitted to Maintenance by the owner. Once approved, but before beginning to work, installers or contractors are required to speak with the Facilities Manager who knows the architectural plans for each Unit Style. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE FORM.


  • The speed limit on all roads inside Heritage Sound is 15 mph – not just at the speed bumps. We share our roads with pedestrians, wildlife, and children.
  • Before moving to a warmer climate for the winter months, provide contact numbers, in writing, to both Maintenance and the Property Manager. If entry must be forced due to an emergency, Heritage Sound does not pay for damage.
  • Check the smoke detector and CO detector twice a year to be certain both are operational.
  • If either owners or tenants burn wood in the fireplace, owners are responsible for having a professional service clean the chimney before lighting the first fire of the next season.
  • Residents living in Weatherly and Constellation Style homes have a water shutoff for the outdoor hose spigot, which should be turned off for the winter months.
  • Avoid damage to your home – and perhaps your neighbors’ – due to a leak from your washing machine or its attached hoses. Add a washing machine tray and water alarms for both inside and outside the tray. Cost is minimal. Contact Maintenance for details.
  • To prevent broken hinges or locks and damaged door frames during heavy wind or windstorms, keep gates firmly closed or permanently propped open.
  • To facilitate plowing by the Heritage Sound Maintenance Team, do NOT park on main roads when snow is forecast. Further, residents are urged to move vehicles from parking areas immediately after the snow has stopped.
  • Heritage Sound engages an exterminating company and will arrange for prompt service if an insect or rodent infestation is found inside or around the outside of your home. Further we ensure the infestation has not spread to a neighbor’s home. Should you engage your own exterminating service, the cost is not reimbursed by Heritage Sound.


Reminders for Townhouse Units:

  • If the gas and electric meter closet doors are open, please either re-fasten them, or if you cannot do so, contact Maintenance.
  • Spring planting reminder for 3-Bedroom Townhouse tenants and owners: Dirt and plantings must be kept completely clear of both drains inside the patio area. Clogged drains have caused extensive damage, including inside homes, and costs to the Association are significant
  • Patio landscaping, including trees, must be maintained by owners and their tenants so that no damage is done to the building exteriors.


Reminders for Mid-Rise Units:

  • Be considerate of the Maintenance Staff who clean out the Garbage Chutes. All garbage bags must be securely tied before putting down the chute. Be aware of the list of items posted above the chute, which CANNOT be thrown into the chute, including cat litter, but instead must be put into trash cans next to the recycle containers
  • To prevent broken windows, remove all furniture and decorations from balconies during heavy wind or windstorms.
  • Avoid inconveniencing your neighbors when moving in or out. Do not take control of the elevator for more than the time it takes to fill the elevator with the furniture and boxes that are in the lobby or walkway and ready for transport either to or from your floor. Release the elevator until the next load is ready for transport!
  • Owners are responsible for any damage or construction debris in the elevators, walkways or lobby as a result either of their own or their tenants’ moving in or out.
  • Vehicles are not required to be moved when the Heritage Sound landscaping service blows out the carports. However, if you want to avoid dust, we recommend moving your vehicle.
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